We're a diverse group of individuals and families who have been meeting together since early 2007 to build a cohousing community with clustered housing and shared infrastructure in Belfast, Maine.

We're working to create a community model which combines affordability, sustainability, and healthy community processes.

We seek a close-knit, cooperative, and ecologically conscious way of life, open to people of all ages, lifestyles, beliefs, and backgrounds.

We want to maintain the land around us — including our fields, forests and waterways — in as natural a state as possible, preserving our farmlands for farming (preferably chemical-free) and utilizing sustainable harvesting practices on our forested land.

We value community activity, shared resources, self-sufficiency, local food production, simplicity above complexity, safe access to recreation areas, integration with our wider local community through outreach, education, CSAs, etc, and connections with larger cultural circles & urban areas.

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