Geoff and Abby (Noah and Claire)

Abby grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania in a town called Chadd’s Ford, and Geoff grew up in Connecticut, spending time in both Newtown and New Haven. They both have memories of playing in and roaming through the fields and woods around their homes, and it is important to them that their children will make similar memories in their new home.

Geoff and Abby both had ties to Maine during childhood. Geoff spent his summers traveling to his father’s family place on Deer Isle, and his mother’s family place in Lubec. Abby traveled with her parents to various locations while she was growing up, but always in (or just outside of) Maine. When it came time to choose a college, Abby set her sights on going to school in Maine, attending Colby College in Waterville. She told her parents when they crossed over the bridge into Kittery that she was never leaving. Geoff attended Wesleyan University and graduate school in California, and then became involved with the San Francisco Zen Center, eventually living in Green Gulch, where he was a co-manager of their farm. Looking for a change and wanting to learn about working with horses, he took a job at Horsepower Farm in Maine as a journey person. Abby came there a few months later as an apprentice, and they have been together since.

After leaving the farm, they moved around for a while, and Abby went to graduate school for a teaching degree. They lived in Thorndike and then in Unity, where they found a wonderful old farm at the end of a dirt road. They enthusiastically jumped into a major renovation project and learned a lot. In fact, they ended up starting a business where they renovated different properties and then rented or sold them. It is fun to bring a house back to life and make it many times more energy-efficient than when you found it.

Geoff and Abby have two wonderful children, Noah and Claire. They keep them very busy and very entertained. While they are really excited about all of the opportunities that cohousing offers, they especially value having their children grow up in a close and safe community where they can play freely with their friends, yet under the watchful eyes and guidance of so many people.
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