Lindsey and Allison (Ruby)

Lindsey and Allison met in 2005. One of Allison’s first memories of Lindsey is meeting up with her and some friends at the Boston Common. They were walking down one of the paths when suddenly Lindsey started swirling and dancing around a light pole—just because she felt like it—and not giving a darn what passersby thought. She also got a number of the group to cut loose and join her. Allison knew she had to let this free spirit into her life! They started running together early in the morning around Jamaica Plain in Boston, and two years later they were married.

Lindsey grew up in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and moved to Boston after a post-UNH stint in Americorps. Allison grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York and moved to Boston to attend Boston University back in 1996. Both have had family connections to Maine for several generations, Lindsey in the Skowhegan area and Allison Downeast in Franklin. They had been looking into Boston-area cohousing communities for several years—they loved the concept and became ready to leave the city to be closer to their families in the Belfast area and in Franklin after finding Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage. Having cohousing so close to family, with its strong emphasis on community and environment has made the difficult decision of leaving urban life and their wonderful JP easy—and it was solidified upon meeting the amazing people who make up BC&E. They are now doing so many of the things they dreamed they would someday do: raising their children in a safe and rich environment, farming, and living peacefully, lovingly and intentionally.

They are Jills of All Trades, eager learners, open-minded, and good teachers. Allison graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in May 2011 and now has her own practice in Belfast. Finally out of school, she hopes to have time to return to some of her other passions in addition to being an outstanding Maine dentist. She is a singer-songwriter, gardener, outdoor enthusiast, environmentalist, and spiritual seeker. Lindsey is a nurse practitioner practicing at Bangor OBGYN. Additionally, she is a community activist, feminist and organizer, artist, community theater producer/director/actor, and a great dancer. She is also thrilled to return to more of her passions post-grad school:
making/selling art, learning to live more simply, relaxing, and developing her spiritual practice through her healthcare and life practice as well as the Unitarian Universalist Church.

They are warm, friendly, compassionate people who get things done. They are dreamers, humanitarians, movers and shakers. They feel passionately about providing healthcare to the under-served in the States and in developing nations and look forward to working with like-minded people to make a difference in the world.
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