Marion is retired from a variety of careers in the healthcare field, having worked as a pediatric nurse, massage therapist, and most recently as an acupuncturist. Currently she is immersed in her love for all things fiber, teaching rug hooking and working toward her teaching certificate in this form of fiber art. Many days one can find her is her studio dyeing wool or helping a student color-plan a rug. She also enjoys gardening and the outdoors (especially birdwatching). Other hobbies include reading, traveling, cross-country skiing, hiking, cooking, and teaching.

Although she grew up on the East coast and spent most summers in Maine, she has had the opportunity to live in many parts of the country. Marion graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS in nursing in 1974 and lived and worked in that beautiful state until heading to Kentucky in the late ‘70s to live in a community called Cornucopia. This community was founded by Ken Keyes, author of the book
Handbook to Higher Consciousness. It supported itself by offering personal growth workshops and was very committed to fostering healthy communication skills. Marion had an opportunity to work both on the farm part of the community, raising food for 100-150 people, as well as working in the kitchen cooking for large groups. It was a very special time in her life, very rich with music, fellowship, cooperation, and personal growth.

In the early ‘80s Marion left the community and moved to Seattle to be near her siblings. She soon found a small community to join on a farm on the outskirts of Seattle. The farm grew organic vegetables and also buckwheat and sunflower sprouts, and she helped sell produce at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. From there her travels took her back to Kentucky, and then on to North Carolina, where she was immersed in working at Duke University as a pediatric nurse and developing a massage therapy practice. Marion took time out on the weekends to help on a friend’s farm, relearning how to milk goats, make cheese, and grow vegetables. The synergy of working alongside friends made the time that much more fun and enjoyable.

Although she came to Maine most summers of her life, and has always had family here, Marion only made her permanent home here seven years ago. She heard about Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage from her friend Elizabeth Garber, and she was very excited by the possibility of realizing her long-term dream to live in a rural cohousing community which brings people together to share in so many different ways. She loves the idea of having children back in her life, as well as people with whom she can garden, cook, play, work, and create community.
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