Sarah and Kiril (Leona and Kaloyan)

Kiril was raised in a Bulgarian village, where he explored the nearby hills, knew all his neighbors, and cultivated much of his food. When he relocated to the Chicago area, he longed for aspects of his earlier life. He met Sarah in Chicago in 2005. She had grown up in the city but had spent much of her college years in Oregon, trekking though forests and paddling down rivers.

They were both passionate about renewable energy. Sarah was working with solar energy and Kiril with wind energy for medium- and large-scale projects. Although Chicago and later Madison, Wisconsin, offered numerous career opportunities and a vibrant neighborhood, they both sought a deeper connection with the land—including being part of a dynamic and stable intentional community and growing and collecting much of their own food.

When their children, Leona and later Kaloyan, were born, this feeling intensified. They cherished their life and experiences living in a cooperative house in Madison and are very excited to be in Belfast. Leona enjoys gardening, biking, imaginative play, and cleaning. Kaloyan enjoys chasing his sister and playing with balls, and he is one of Elmo’s biggest fans.

Although it would have been rewarding to help found a community, joining an existing community was more attractive and timely. Kiril and Sarah sought a community that values open communication, sustainability, and children, and they believe that cohousing creates a dynamic environment for homeschooling their children. As they discovered and got to know Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage and Maine itself, it fit.
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