I’ve lived in New England for the majority of my life, and of anywhere I’ve been for substantial time, I feel most rooted in Maine. I like to get around by foot and bike, love contra-dancing and ice skating, and enjoy the challenge and reward of vegan and gluten-free baking. An animal lover since I can remember, I enjoy being outside, especially in forests with the scent of sun-baked pine needles, or out on the water with a salty sea breeze. I love flying my kite in the windy fields; sharing meals, music, skills, and spontaneous interactions with folks; and getting more rooted in the cohousing – and broader – community, and in the land. Writing snail mail, reading, and being with friends are some other things I enjoy doing.

I’ve become particularly interested in how our use of various technologies (including cell phones, the internet, GPS, and – from further back – the mechanical clock) affects us, including our understanding of ourselves and others, our experiences of time and place, all the way to down to the cellular make-up of our brains. I’m especially concerned about how our use of these and other technologies affect our capacity to be present, and to think deeply and critically. I’m continuing my exploration of these issues, and actively being a part of fostering intentionality in our community – within and beyond the scope of these issues – and engaging with folks around how we want to live and relate to one another, and the land.

Interconnected with these passions is my commitment to social and environmental justice. As I continue to learn more about personal and systematic privilege and oppression, I strive to create positive change within myself, and also support movements toward a more just and equitable society. As Wendell Berry, one of my favorite authors, writes: “One problem with the state of affairs is that the work now most needing to be done – that of neighborliness and care-taking – cannot be done by remote control with the greatest power on the largest scale.” In part I was drawn to cohousing because it is all about just that – neighborliness and care-taking – and so much more.
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