Steve and Barbara

Steve and Barbara moved to Belfast from the village of Wellington, a loose confederation of some 300 souls very near to the geographic heart of Maine (and ten miles from the nearest store). They lived for 30 years on the banks of Higgins Stream, surrounded by 18 acres of forest land. Their little house was thoughtfully designed and lovingly built from scratch using mostly local and salvaged materials. They have two grown children: Aaron, born in 1983, is currently living near Seattle. Trina, born in 1985, lives in Sunnyvale, California.

Barb is a retired school social worker who loves travel, adventure, gardening, cooking, kayaking, singing, and traipsing around outside with the members of her Women’s Adventure Club (affectionately known as the WACkys).

Steve is also a retired educator who loves “puttering” on the land. He is a songwriter and a musician and also runs Forest Audio Services, a Pro Tools-based digital recording studio.

Both Steve and Barb have previously lived in a number of communal situations, have worked with community-based alternative schools and local food-buying co-ops. They are active in the local RC (Re-evaluation Counseling) community. They learned about cohousing quite by accident when Steve was thumbing through a book on small houses. One section described the design of a home in the Island Cohousing Community on Martha’s Vineyard. Not only did the house look appealing, but the cohousing concept was a revelation. They bought a copy of
Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves and researched opportunities off-and-on for several years. An ad in the Common Ground Country Fair flyer led them to Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage.

Everything about the project was appealing and exciting: the land itself, the proximity to Belfast, the “tread lightly on the earth” approach to building and living on the planet. Being a part of a community of smart, sincere, aware, vital, and forward-thinking people of all ages was the real clincher for them.
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