The Homes

Our community consists of thirty-six private dwellings arranged as thirteen duplexes, two triplexes and a quad, clustered to foster neighborhood interaction and to preserve open space. There is a network of pedestrian paths in and around the community with vehicle parking at the periphery.

The homes have from one to three bedrooms, with base configurations varying in size from 500 to 1,500 square feet. They are partially standardized, with limited customization to reduce building costs. Some site locations accommodate the construction of an additional room, expanding the range of options for units in those locations. All homes are individually owned and financed private residences.

New units (these are also available as monthly rentals until sold)

• Unit 5 (780 SF downstairs Eco-flat) — $218,000
• Unit 8 (500 SF upstairs Eco-flat) — $165,000

Units for sale by current owners

Unit 24 (1,300 SF duplex) — $329,900 - UNDER CONTRACT
For more info on this unit only, call 512-291-4338 or email
Unit 17 (1750 sq. ft. duplex) - $410,000 (with garage - $433,500)
For more info on this unit only, see and call Nessa
at 207-505-2666 or email
• Unit 35 (1,300 sq. ft. duplex) — $345,900
For more info on this unit only, see and call Jon
207-669-2413 or email

The Common House

The Common House is crucial to the concept of cohousing. It is centrally located, so that residents regularly pass by on the way to and from their own homes, increasing their opportunities to interact with their neighbors. It provides the community with a focus for socializing and sharing. As cohousing has evolved over the past 20+ years, research has shown that that residents in communities with well-used common houses are happier with smaller private homes.

The well-equipped kitchen will be used for community meals, to be served in the large dining area on a regular basis. The dining area may also be used for meetings, workshops, presentations, etc. A children's play room is located near the dining area, so parents can participate in community functions without worrying about childcare. Older children will have their own space for homework and recreation. There is also a laundry and a root cellar, with spaces for arts & crafts, music, yoga, etc, under consideration. Guest rooms in the Common House lessen the need for individual homes to provide lodging for visiting friends and family. Office space may be made available so residents can share equipment and supplies typically found in individual homes.

Construction of our our Common House is now underway!