All unit sales and rentals are private transactions between the parties involved. Thus, we have no “waiting list” as such. However, as a courtesy to owners who are looking to sell or rent we do maintain a database of potential buyers/renters that we make available to them. To add your name to that database, you may complete this inquiry form.

There are no units for sale or rent at this time.

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About the houses…

Our thirty-six private residences are comprised of thirteen duplexes, two triplexes and a two-story quad. There are no standalone homes and we have no plans to build additional units. The homes have from one to three bedrooms and vary in size from 500 to 1,750 square feet (Units 17 & 21). Though not certified as such, they are built to the rigorous German Passiv Haus standard. When equipped with an appropriately-sized solar array, they are designed to be net-zero energy consumers.

As is typical in cohousing communities, the buildings are clustered on a small footprint to foster neighborhood interaction and to preserve the open land around us. The site layout limits routine vehicle traffic to the periphery and helps to create a safe and welcoming pedestrian space in the heart of the community.

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